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Expert Garage Door Pointers

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Expert Garage Door Pointers

If you've been having some garage door problems, you'll probably find the following tips useful. Understanding how to take care of the mechanism will help it last for a lot longer and will save you money on preventable repairs.

Avoid Coming in Contact with Your Garage Door

Even a small collision with your garage door can cause bigger problems than expected. Be vigilant, because even a small bump can rear its ugly head in the long run. There might appear to be no damage in the aftermath, but your tracks can become misaligned over time. Err on the side of caution when backing your car in, and do your best to avoid contact.

Find a Suitable Location for Your Opener Remote

This is important for safety and security purposes, in which you’ll want to ensure your opener remote is kept in safe keeping. This is important to safeguard from burglary, but also to prevent your kids from accessing your garage. This can cause unexpected injuries if they open your door, so this is best prevented by keeping your opener remote in a safe location.

Consider whether or not a wooden garage door is right for you

If you live somewhere with high humidity, our experts suggest that you don't get a wooden garage door. Wood is great looking, highly customizable, and easily available, but it does not last as long as other materials in a high moisture environment. It could develop rot or start to warp, and will require a lot of maintenance to sustain.

Test your door’s safety sensors

It is very important to test the safety sensors of your garage door opener on a regular basis. To do this, you'll need to interrupt the sensors' beam while the door is trying to close. Wave a broomstick in front of them and see if the door reverses its movement. If it doesn't, then the sensors need to be realigned and maybe even replaced. Give our experts a call to get some help.


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