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Garage Door Replacement Near Fontana, CA

Garage Door Replacement

Customer Issue: Ms. Todd wanted to upgrade her garage doors, but keep them simple and easy to take care of ultimately.
Our Solution: We felt that the Amarr Heritage Traditional line of garage doors held the properties that Ms. Todd wanted.  They had the straightforward, easily complementary design, as well as being totally low maintenance. Our experts removed the original doors carefully, then installed the new Amarr ones into the system. We tested them afterward to ensure full functionality and smooth movement.

Beatrice Todd - Fontana
Spring Replacement | Rialto | Fontana, CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer noticed that his door was struggling to work, and found that the extension spring had snapped. He wanted it taken care of safely, so he contacted us.
Our Solution: The other springs were first inspected to determine whether they also needed to be replaced. Afterward, the tension was released in order to remove the necessary worn and broken springs from the system. New springs were then installed into place and the tension was restored.

Max Nichols - Rialto
Garage Door Off Track | Kaiser | Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: An amateur cable replacement attempt left the customer’s overhead door badly off track on one side.
Our Solution: Both cables had to be unspooled, and the team also checked the springs and tracks for stress damage caused by the break. With that taken care of, the team raised the door off the tracks and slid it back into place before lubricating the spools and installing the new lift cables properly.

Jeanette Micollieu - Kaiser
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Sensors became misaligned.
Our Solution: The issue was a very common one. After checking the lenses of the photo eyes to ensure they weren't scratched or cracked, we repositioned the sensors and made sure they were in complete alignment with each other. This immediately solved the problem.

Vince Maxton - Fontana
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Unusual grinding sounds.
Our Solution: The problem turned out to be the rollers. Many of the units had worn quite significantly. We replaced them all with smooth and silent nylon ones that didn't require lubrication, as the customer didn't want to have to worry about maintenance.

Amanda Lambert - Declezville
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The opener won't start.
Our Solution: We checked the power supply, the remote and the wall-switch, but nothing worked. Then we opened the opener's casing and found that a part of the circuit board was fried. We replaced the entire board and the problem was solved.

Carl Marcone - Fontana
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